Thursday, October 30, 2003

hit me

i've noticed that my hits per day are going down, and i guess that is because i haven't been writing much. Well, here is to another new beginning... again.

While the in laws were out visiting we went to see The Matka King. It was quite good actually. It is set in Bombay's red light district and is about a man who loses everything to the Madame of a whore house, who runs a gambling ring. Just to make things interesting, the Madame is a hijra. Hijra is invariably translated as eunnuch or hermaphrodite in english, but these terms do not capture the full meaning of being the third gender in India.

On movie notes, last night i watched Just a Kiss. By and large it did not get the greatest reviews, but i sort of liked it. The Brain would make fun of me for saying this, but the story is told in a really non linear fashion. Jumps all over the place and from different popints of view, which makes it interesting. It is basically about 30-somethings and their love problems. Nothing original there, but still i would recommend it if you are looking for something a little on the light side.


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