Sunday, October 19, 2003


I am back! Just like all of your favorite TV shows, i too sometimes go on hiatus - especially when it is just starting to get good.

So i have been thinking and i am about to launch a new project right here on the blog. It is called 'People who read my Blog Reads...'. Yes, this is direct and deliberate co-opting of ideas like New York reads, Vancouver Reads and Canada Reads put on by the CBC(which, incidently starts again on Nov 7). Instead of doing this democratically and equitably, i have already decided what book it will be, so feel free to comment on my authoritarianism or book choice. The book will be (drum roll please...) THE COLONY OF UNREQITED DREAMS by Wayne Johnson.

You may be wondering what has spurred on my dogmatic demand that all my friends and family read this book (and don't worry, i already realize that only a paltry few will actually heed my request). Well recently in Humanities 101, where i am volunteering, we were discussing Canada Reads and how important it is for Canadians to read Canadian literature (and it is important!), and i thought that by asking you to read this book i would be doing my part in getting Canadians to read more Can Lit. so, why this book? First off, it has been really well recieved and won alot of admirers. Secondly, it is available in paperback. And finally, because both The Brain and i want to read it! Also, i think it will teach us all a little something about Canada that we did not know before. So get reading!


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