Friday, October 31, 2003

the grinch who stole halloween

Now we have some hard core evidence that i am officially old! It is Halloween and i had absolutely no desire to dress up, so instead i just stayed in tonight. Now there was a time in my life when staying home for Halloween, especially when it's on friday night, would have seemed lame. But i am ok with it, really. So what if everyone else in my building appears to be having some sort of spooky ho down? I too could have gone out, but instead i thought tonight would be a good time to work on my lit review, which has to be done by Wednesday. But i haven't totally gorwn up, i still bought my self some Halloween candy. So trick or treat to you.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Tomato trilogy

Ooh yeah, i forgot to mention that i also read the last installment of Erika Lopez's Tomato Trilogy, Hoochie Mama - the Other white Meat. This time she is crusading against the latte people taking over San Fransico. Very good. Very funny in a raunchy kind of way. I will be passing it onto my friend the hippy chick sometime this weekend.

hit me

i've noticed that my hits per day are going down, and i guess that is because i haven't been writing much. Well, here is to another new beginning... again.

While the in laws were out visiting we went to see The Matka King. It was quite good actually. It is set in Bombay's red light district and is about a man who loses everything to the Madame of a whore house, who runs a gambling ring. Just to make things interesting, the Madame is a hijra. Hijra is invariably translated as eunnuch or hermaphrodite in english, but these terms do not capture the full meaning of being the third gender in India.

On movie notes, last night i watched Just a Kiss. By and large it did not get the greatest reviews, but i sort of liked it. The Brain would make fun of me for saying this, but the story is told in a really non linear fashion. Jumps all over the place and from different popints of view, which makes it interesting. It is basically about 30-somethings and their love problems. Nothing original there, but still i would recommend it if you are looking for something a little on the light side.

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Our trip to India is delayed - not cancelled as Judy Jetson keeps telling me. Some complication with the airline and not letting employees fly that route for a while. So i am still here in beautiful canada.

Last night i finished reading FALL ON YOUR KNEES by Anne Marie MacDonald. It was the second time i've read it, but i still really liked it, though it is a bit on the long side. Apparently Anne Marie MacDonald has problems tying things up and just ending the story. But there are lots of twists and turns that make it interesting. I don't know what i will read now. I was saving COLONY for the plane ride, but maybe i should just start it tonight. Hrmph.

Sunday, October 19, 2003


I am back! Just like all of your favorite TV shows, i too sometimes go on hiatus - especially when it is just starting to get good.

So i have been thinking and i am about to launch a new project right here on the blog. It is called 'People who read my Blog Reads...'. Yes, this is direct and deliberate co-opting of ideas like New York reads, Vancouver Reads and Canada Reads put on by the CBC(which, incidently starts again on Nov 7). Instead of doing this democratically and equitably, i have already decided what book it will be, so feel free to comment on my authoritarianism or book choice. The book will be (drum roll please...) THE COLONY OF UNREQITED DREAMS by Wayne Johnson.

You may be wondering what has spurred on my dogmatic demand that all my friends and family read this book (and don't worry, i already realize that only a paltry few will actually heed my request). Well recently in Humanities 101, where i am volunteering, we were discussing Canada Reads and how important it is for Canadians to read Canadian literature (and it is important!), and i thought that by asking you to read this book i would be doing my part in getting Canadians to read more Can Lit. so, why this book? First off, it has been really well recieved and won alot of admirers. Secondly, it is available in paperback. And finally, because both The Brain and i want to read it! Also, i think it will teach us all a little something about Canada that we did not know before. So get reading!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

movie madness must end

Well, i think i am now officially out of the Film Fest mode even though it doesn't end until Friday. I have put my life on hold long enough and i need to get back to reality. It means that i am going to miss some films that i wanted to see, but i don't think i can do it anymore. There is a certain look that regular festival goers get after a while. I think the Brain has it. This dazed, slightly over stimulated, crazed look and their film fest guide is never out of sight. Somedays the Brain actually goes to four or five movies. He's become accusatory because i usually only go to two movies a day. "I thought you liked movies. I thought you were hard core, but you don't like movies at all, do you?"

So i ended up seeing about 16 movies and i really liked all of them but 3, so that is pretty good. I still might go to one or two more, but just as a casual sort of thing. Hey it's Wednesday night and i have nothing to do, why not see a movie? Who knows.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

putting your mind at ease

I know that many of my nameless fans out there are wondering about the Dis. Well, worry no longer, here is a little update for you. In spite of the fact that most of my time right now is dominated with VIFF, i am progressing. Slowly. Baby steps. I think the section i am working on right now has morphed into its own chapter, which isn't all bad. We'll see. How long is a chapter supposed to be anyways? Should i go for more shorter chapters or one long diatribe? My reading preference is for things to be broken up into small managable bites.

i'll say a little prayer for you

This one's going' out to mom and dad.

I was listening to the CBC tonight when an interesting story came across the airwaves. It was about the 'Industrial Christian Fellowship", a Christian organization in England that encourages "individuals to deepen their understanding of God's purpose in the world of work". Now i know that i don't often wax religious, so bear with me for one moment, their ideas are interesting, if not a little unusual. This organization seems to think (and they are probably right) that professionals such as accountants, stock brokers and bankers tend to get overlooked in our daily prayers; where as teachers, doctors and nurses - those in 'caring' positions- are often found in people's prayers.

ICF executive member John Raymond says "There is a feeling that these professions are too worldly -- almost not good enough -- for prayers... But I think that is exactly the opposite of how Jesus would see it... When did you last pray for your stockbroker?" Good question, but i am not one to pray to often to begin with.

So here is a little prayer they suggest you say for all those professions who are normally overlooked in your bedside ritual.

God, we ask your blessing on our economic world:
Bless those in governments and banks, especially those in poorer countries.

Give them an understanding of economic forces and the mechanics of wealth creation; that they may produce laws and regulations which give freedom for people to create wealth.

Bless entrepreneurs, those in business, investors and those responsible for pension funds, that they may play a part, Lord, in creating and using processes and structures which release and channel people's creativity, in ways which enhance human dignity, serve the common good and benefit in particular the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

To your glory, Lord. Amen.