Wednesday, September 24, 2003

the world needs more movies

Last night we went to go see LOST IN TRANSLATION by Sophia Copala. Brilliant really. Bill Murray was perfect for the role of an aging actor stuck in Japan to promote a whiskey. Check out the trailer. The humour at times is subtle but great. But then after a while i started to feel a little conflicted. I mean the reason the film is funny is because of all these weird Japanese things he encounters, and then i thought - is it right to be laughing at Japan all the time? Because i am not sure that a Japanese person would find the same things funny. So then are we truly laughing at them, which is mean, or are we laughing with them? Is this just another form of Orientalism? Perpetuating the myths of an essentially different other that we have no hope of understanding?
In addition to be being funny, the story and the friendship that arises between Bill Murray's character and Scarlette Johanson's character is rather touching. None of this 'hey we are in a foreign country, let's fall into bed together and pretend its jet lag or culture shock' thing.

The Vancouver International Film Festival starts tomorrow. I have resolved myself to the fact that i can't possibly go see movies all day every day, but at the same time i hope to get off to a good start. Tomorrow i plan to see PLAN COLUMBIA: CASHING IN ON THE DRUG WAR FAILURE, Prisoner of Paradise and Morning Sun. I'll report back on them later.
And just as a little FYI, if you were debating about seeing CASA DE LOS BABYS, ELEPHANT OR THE EVENT at VIFF, they've already been picked up for wide release.


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