Friday, September 12, 2003

Weaker than what?

Last night the Brain and i went to see the Weakerthans. What a great concert. You sould really check out there stuff. According to someone, a few years ago their music would have been considered EMO. I think that means emotional/ emotive rock - whatever that's supposed to mean. I would rather describe them as a home grown canadian band with great lyrics. And talk about a heavy bass. The low point of the night was that the bass made our table (yes we are old and sat at a table to enjoy the show) vibrate slowly pushing my beer closer and closer to the edge until finally it fell into my lap. So i think the moral of the story is that heavy base is good unless you are not paying attention to your beer on a vibrating table.

It's always a surprise to see a band you like in person. They do not look like i thought they would. Especially the lead singer. I wanted him to be tall and lanky with dark mouldering eyes. Instead he was average hieght, a little skinny and blond. Ever since i saw Almost Famous i think rocker should look like Jason Lee in that movie.


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