Thursday, September 18, 2003

Survival Discussion Questions

Oooh how exciting. it's like having our very own Friday Five!

1. most likely to win
At this point my bets are on Andrew, though Darrah may be up there too. So far she is doing the whole flying- below- the- radar thing, which i feel is always a good strategy. Also she is a mortician, which is sort of unusual and she likes hunting, which is also unique for a girl. I think she will surprise us. Andrew has a good chance of winning, not just because he is good looking, articulate and intelligent, but also because his last name is Savage, and that's cool. I think Trish wil be our drak horse in the runing or whatever you call the person who sort of sneaks up from behind and before you know it they are a major threat. Even though she is slightly older than some, she is fit. She has run multiple marathons and on top of that just seems pretty darn athletic. Also she is old enough to be able to play the political situations with some finnesse and avoid being just plain annoying.

2. most likely to have sexual tension.
Ah yes, good old ST as me and VOR like to call it. This is a difficult one, but I see Ostin as being both quite sexual (in a bad way) and able to create a fair bit of tension! Aside from that i think that it is too early to tell.

3. most likely to get naked first
Well that's been answered for us already. But i still would have said Osten.

4. most likely to annoy
Where do i begin? Tiajuna better stop squealing and stuff. The scout lead can stop scouting anyday now and Rupert could get to be a bit much if you were stuck on an island with him. But as a viewer i think he is pretty funny and will add entertainment value to the show.

5. Most likely to fall down alot
That would be Rupert.


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