Sunday, September 07, 2003

Singin' in the Rain

Did you miss me? I thought so. I missed you too.

At last the rain has come. It has been so dry around here for so long. It has been raining since the afternoon. I just love the sound of it, but by about mid november i am sure that i will be sick of it and complaining.

So, camping was a blast. We went to Pender Island. The main purpose of the trip was disc golf and we hit an awesome course on the island. It was my first disc golf experience, but trust me when i say this is the best course ever.

Current Reads
I finished THE DIVINE ECONOMY OF SALVATION by Prisilla Uppal. I quite liked it. She is a young Canadian writer and this is her first novel. I was very reminescent of Carole Goodman's booked that i read about a month ago.

Now i am reading The No.1 Ladies Dective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. This series of books seems to be really popular right now. And since i tend to like books set in Africa i thought i would give it a try. But so far it is 'not all that' as girls in the 'hood say (what hood exactly i don't know). I will keep you posted on what i think.

Also on the topic of books, finally someone has picked up and registered one of my Bookcrossing releases. I am very happy.

Time for bed. I am still recovering from the camping i think.


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