Monday, September 22, 2003

monday, back to the grind

First off, i must welcome Lil Grommet into the world. He made his appearance on Friday morning. He tried to get out for Survivor (little trooper) but didn't quite make it. Thank god for VCRs! He is healthy, as are the parents, and has been christened as the Lil Grommet in blog land.

The weekend flew by. I spent alot of it volunteering at the Vancouver International Film Festival doing advanced sales. The festival itself starts on Thursday, so expect a slow down in the blogs as i plan to see multiple movies a day and will be rather busy.

Yesterday the Brain and I went to see Matchstick Men. We didn't really know what it was about when we went, but had heard good things. It's nice walking into a movie when you haven't seen all the good parts in a trailer already. The acting was really good. Nicholas Cage plays an agrophobic, OCD conman, and Alison Lohman plays his just discovered daughter. She was amazing for such a young actress. Keep your eyes on her. And the story wasn't the typical Hollywood shlock for once.

Current Reads
I recently finished THE IMPRESSIONIST by Hari Kunzru. Quite a unique novel, I really enjoyed it. Starts off in Agra, moves to a zenana in Punjab, then eventually to England and ends in Africa. Quite exciting and very well written. Maybe i was so impressed with the writing because the novel i read before it was a little weak, or maybe the writing is truly great. Who knows.

Now i am reading a novel by Will Rhode. I managed to buy the British edition, called PAPERBACK RAITA at Book Warehouse for just $4.99, but it has been rereleased in North America as PAPERBACK ORIGINAL. It is about a British flunky in India who has 5 years to write a bestseller if he is to inherit 5 million pounds from his deceased father. I have picked up a number of inaccuracies in his facts, but this should escape most people's attention. It is a light novle, though enjoyable. Oh the wild capers young backbackers in a foreign land will get into!


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