Saturday, September 27, 2003

Crazy Days

The film fest got off to spectacular start, but at just 3 days in i have fizzled a little. First day i saw 4 films, yesterday 1 and tonight i think i will go to one later. The thing is the weather has turned beautiful again, so i spent part of the day outside weeding my garden. I am also feeling a little dissertation induced anxiety, so i have been working on it for a while today. Monday i won't be able to see any films at all - i volunteer and then in the evening i have hockey practice. Oh well, i am just going to what i can and hopefully see about 10 films.

Plans for India are starting to fall into place. Looks like we are going to go on Oct 24. Since i am going with airline employees it is like going standby, but i am looking forward to the suspense and the spontenaity of it. Lately i have been thinking that i am not spontaneous enough. So the plan is to leave here hopefully on Oct 24, but if the flights are full then we can't go. So we don't really know when we will end up in Delhi, which means we can't book a hotel or train or connecting plane. But i think the unknownness of it will be fun. Unfortunately, the people i am travelling with will be thuroughly jet lagged and culture shocked and probably won't see the beauty in it the way i will.

Current Reads
I am reading RAVELSTIEN by Saul Bellow right now. It will take me forever to finish it even though it is not very long. Can't say i am enjoying it all that much, but it does bring sleep on pretty quickly, so its not all bad.


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