Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Back after a bit of a break

Whew, been busy the past couple of days. The 'rents were in town after cruising the north coastline for a week. Good visit. Lots of talking. Boy, those old people can jabber!

Still not officially a student. The powers that be are still doing paper work, which means that i had to return ALL of my library books, i can't get the forms filled out so that i don't have to pay back my student loans, and i don't have free bus service!

I had my first hockey practice on Monday night. It was quite fun. I am not as good at the skating as i thought i would be, but i guess that will come in time. I like doing the drills and stuff, but the games may not quite be my thing. If you have a student card there is free skating at the university arena every morning from 9-11. Once i am officially a student again i will go to that and practice my skating.

Current Reads
I finally finished HOUSE ON FIRE by Charles Foran. It wasn't as good as i expected it to be. In particular, i didn't like the writing style, but some people might. The story itself is set in the non existent country of Gyatso, meant to ressemble Tibet. The story itself is pretty good, about a Canadian journalist in search of this Gyastian writer. But too often he waxes poetic about the spiritual nature of the Gyatsian people etc. The novel is divided into three parts. The third part appealed to me the most and seemed to have some good insights.


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