Saturday, August 02, 2003

s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT!

Here's a great big shout out to my friend Rocky the Kitabwalla in Assi!!!
I have spent the last little while trying to fit my latest shipment of books from India onto my shelves. It ended up in a complete restructuring of the organizational system. I think it looks better now, though it may take me longer to find what i am looking for. Before it was aphabetically arranged - rational and systematic, but now it is more by broad topic and size - easy on the eyes.

The Brain and I are officially with wheel this week. Our friends Futo Maki and the Hippie Chick (who are just begging to mentioned by name in my blog) planned on riding their bikes up the coast. But then they called and asked the Brain to drive them to the ferry in their car, with the added bonus that we get to keep the car for a week until they get back. It sounds great in theory, but we are not exactly sure what we would use the car for anyways.

Happy Belated Birthday to Futo Maki's little sis. Sorry i missed last night. I went to see the King and I instead. It was better than i expected. Very professional. The place seats 1200 people, which is pretty amazing, though it seemed that they only had washrooms for about a third that number.


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