Thursday, August 28, 2003

opportunity knocks...

I was over at my friend Ganesha's house tonight with some of her friends, talking about India because she is going there in October to do some research. Anyways, her friend wants to go to India while Ganesha is there but is too intimidated to go by herself. As some side comment during the cnight i say that i am so jealous of Ganesha because she gets to go back. Before i know it her friend is offering me a free pass to India (her husband works for an unnamed airline). All i would have to do is pay the tax (probably about $300) and my spending money while i was there. I think i can handle that! She only wants to go for a week to ten days and plans to spend the whole time in Banaras, where i can find cheap accomodation! Pretty cool. Of course in exchange i offered to show her around, but that is no skin off my nose! Before i get too excited i want to see if it will all work out. But it sounds like fun. More to the point, i would be there for at least some of either Ramlila or Krsnalila.


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