Monday, August 18, 2003

on hockey etc

On the weekend i dropped the big bucks and bought some hockey equipment. I wasn't really planning to buy any at all. First the Brain and I stopped in at an unnamed large sporting goods store because he had seen that they had shoulder pads on for a really good price. Tried them on and bought them. Then on Saturday i wanted to buy some skates because i was worried about my skating abilities. Even though i had figure skated for years, i haven't been in skates for over five years, let alone hockey skates!! Being able to skate well is important to me, because i am not sure if the whole hand-eye co ordination thing will ever come and i want to be good at something. So i bought some skates... and elbow pads, shorts, helmet etc. After all of this i better like the sport!

Now i am just trying to figure out what rinks in the 'hood have general skating sessions at this time of year. I fiugre if i go once a week between now and when hockey actually starts in mid September, i may be able to get pretty good at skating.


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