Wednesday, August 06, 2003

A new direction

I think that i have decided to stop working on the present chapter of the diss, which is giving my nothing but grief and work on something a little bit more fun. There is one chapter which i figure i can write pretty quickly. It is mostly elementary stuff, but stuff that needs to be told just the same. It will also rely more on narritive than theory, which is the stuff i am better at writing. I just think i need a bit of a change. Once i have one complete chapter under my belt i shoudl feel more confident etc, right?

I came across a really cool/geeky idea on the web today: academic reality TV. I know there may not be much of a market for it, but i think that those who tune in would be die hard fans. I mean, who has more time than a lowly grad student or instructor to watch TV? We are naturally drawn to high brow academic trash, just put some on TV and we'll watch. Anyways this guy has proposed a number of different themes for the show - PhD Island, Adjunct Survivor, Academic Fear Factor and of course the Fifth Wheel. You really shoud check it out.


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