Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Over the past few days i have watched a number of movies, but have not yet comented on them. So here we go....

A couple of nights ago the Brain rented Lost in La Mancha. It's a documentary about Terry Gilliam's attempt to make a movie about Don Quixote. This quote sums it up pretty nicely: ""There's no shortage of disaster stories in the history of film production, but none have been recorded with such frankness, immediacy and aching sense of disappointment as in Lost in La Mancha… entertaining and instructive... a tantalizing memorial."- Derek Elley, VARIETY . Metacritic gave it a 74, which i think is about right.

Then last night we went for a double bill at the Hollywood. First up was Nowhere in Africa, a German film about a Jewish family that flee Germany to Kenya at the beginning of WWII. It was good, particularly because it made me think for the first time about what really happened to refugees from Germany in different parts of the world when war broke out. It also won the academy award for best foreigh picture.

After that things went to a slightly lighter note with Laurel Canyon. It's about a fairly straight laced Harvard couple who have to move in with the guy's record producer mother. Worlds collide. As usual Francis McDormand was great. In a way the movie is worth watching if you are a fan of hers. Kate Beckinsdale was good too, playing an ultra straight Harvard type, but the male lead was only so-so and dragged the picture down a little. Metacritic gave it just 61, which is their cut off mark for a movie that is worth watching. Not everyone will enjoy this, so read the box before you select - it is in the renter category. The one thing that got me really down about the movie is that Beckinsdale's character was writing her dissertation and it came oh so effortlessly!! Grrr.


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