Monday, August 04, 2003

Life Update

So I asked for input on my blog and i got it. First of all, most of it was good (toot toot), but some type A personalities out there, who shall remain nameless, have commented on my bad spelling. Yes, it is true. I can't spell. And this thing does not have spell check. But i will try harder as you seem to think it interrupts the flow. And please note that one of the two primary contributors to my genetic make up, who also can't spell, thinks the lax attitude towards orthography adds cache to my blog.

My dissertation coach aka Voice of Reason came up with this little gem to inspire? me to greater heights:
writing your dissertation is like bowel movements, you can't force them but you should try to do what you can to have one every day.

Current Reads
I am still reading THE HOUSE OF BLUE MANGOES. It seems that now that the Brain is home i do not have as much time to dedicate to reading, which in my case may be healthy. I heard from big bad Dr. Red that she too is in the process of reading BLUE MANGOES. I think i speak for both of us when i say that it is a little slow going. Not that it is bad, but there are a lot of characters to remember. She said as you get into it it gets better. As a dedicated India-phile, i am almost embarrassed to admit this, but there is also alot of Tamil? Malayalam? word that i don't know.

Fun Fact
Malayalam is the only language in the world that is also a palindrome.


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