Friday, August 22, 2003

common sense isn't always common

Here's a little bit of a day in the life of me rant. I did laundry today because i had to. I am on my last pair of underwear, and they have seen better days! I only had enough quarters for one load, so i piled everything into a basket without sorting. What's the use in sorting of you are only going to do one load? I just now went to switch stuff into the dryer and, to quote that pop diva, oops i did it again! That's right, i washed at least one kleenex. My assorted darks and lights are now dotted with white flecks. I heeded my mother's oft given advice, because she too washes more kleenexes thatn the average person, and shook every thing outside. But i guess i don't shake hard enough because all of my navy blue shirts, and i have alot of them i have realized, are still sort of speckled. So if you see me in the next week, just ignore the white stuff.

Also, VOR, who was just doing her job, reprimanded me today. She has assumed, quite rightly, that i have not been doing enough work on my diss. So, having been filled with the fear of god or the wrath of VOR, depending on how you look at it, i have been sitting at my desk all day, plugging along on the next section. As it turns out i think it will be a fair bit longer than i initially anticipated and will take longer to write. More sources to review than i thought.

So i hope everyone out there in blogger land has a good weekend, especially the Fab 5, who will be getting together minus one.


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