Thursday, August 07, 2003

Amazing Race Spoiler

A special welcome to The Racers (you know who you are).

Things are getting down and dirty on the race. Three teams left, who is going to walk home with a million?
I think i am rooting for the goats (ie/ the two guys who aren't gay or clowns). I wanted the clowns to win, even though i think clowns in general are sort of spooky, but at least they treated everyone and each other with respect (a unique concept on reality tv) and never stopped having fun.

So now i am rooting for the goats. In my humble opinion Chip and Richen should have got the boot this round. They cheated after all. And besides they just are a little too cocky, always going on about how hard they have worked to get this far. Here's a little news update for ya, everyone has worked just as hard, even if they go about it in a different way.

There is no way Kelly and Jon should win. They are just nasty and i think jon is homophobic. I think the biggest upset of the game will come when Chip leaves Richen for Jon (hee hee).


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