Thursday, August 21, 2003

Amazing Race Spoiler

So the race is over. No more Thursday night must see TV. I have got to say that i was a little disappointed in the outcome. I wanted Dave and Jeff to win. They played well throughout and never fought or got angry with each other or anyone else. But instead Chip and Richen won. I have confliceted feelings about this. Richen seems very nice and caring and everything and Chip is an andrenylen junkie road rager! I don' t like him. And did you hear all the things Richen said about his driving? And i am sure that it takes alot for Richen to bad mouth his hubby! Also i hated the comment at the end that they just wanted to show everyone that gay people can do anything other people can. Never doubted it for a minute. And that comment about being American - give me a break and raise the flag now. The end was just too sappy.

As for Kelly and John, well they were catty and everything else and i felt bad when they lost because they were so close, but... ultimately they didn't deserve to win and i think that deep dpwn inside they knew that too.

Current Reads
I finished THE SEDUCTION OF WATER. Went on a mojor reading binge last night, so i will be on a bit of a book diet for a while. Can't let books over take my life. But THE SEDUCTION OF WATER was very good. Suspenseful in the right places. Little bit of romance. I recommend it highly.


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