Sunday, July 27, 2003


In an unbidden moment of tele-laxity (def'n - letting your guard down by an unexpected phone call, to speak on the phone without thinking) i unwittingly admitted to the Fab Five&Co. that i am a blogger! Oh yes, it seems that i am back at the DSJOC becoming a very real version of my worst nightmare. Who'd of thought that i would become a cyber chick geek? On the otherhand, no one knew what i was talking about or what a blog was. Having said that, this blog goes out to the 5, partying it up at a summer fiesta sans moi.

It seems that the topic of the night was to circumsize or not. Not in our usual roster of conversation topics, but it is not everyday that preparations are being made for the entrance of a new Fabulet. Of course because of my extensive knowledge in this area (yeah, right) they felt i too should wiegh in on the topic, hence the phone call. My opinion - very 70's thing to do, but an impromptu survey suggests that i could be wrong. I was under the impression that in the past they (who is that exactly?) encouraged a little snip snip for hygenic reasons. At any rate, i think it is a bit of a moot (love that word) point since i believe the Fabulet will be a girl.

That's all for tonight. I know, i know, you girls are thinking Please don't go...


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