Thursday, July 24, 2003

So now i am 2 for 2. i don't think i have ever kept a journal going for this long before!

Current Reads
Yesterday i read KNOCKED OUT BY MY NUNGA NUNGAS by Louise Rennison. Yes, that's right, the on going confessions of the fab British teenager Georgia Nicolson. These books were orginally suggested to me by my sister in law, the Mad Scientist. They rock and only take about 2 hour to read.

On a more serious note, i am also reading THE OPIUM CLERK by Kunal Basu. I was attracted to this book because it is set at least partially in India and Basu was a prfoessor at McGill University and now teaches at Oxford, so i knew it would be well researched. The story itself was a little hard going at first, but now i am into it. Although at times i am entirely confused about what is going on. But i think you are supposed to be. Opium sort of does that to you.


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