Monday, July 28, 2003

Decidedly Domestic

So in another keen attempt to avoid the diss., i went domestic today. Did laundry, dishes and cooked if making pasta salad counts as cooking. And then i got down to work. By the time i go to bed i will be done what i set out to do. Bravo!

I entertained myself for quite sometime this afternoon thinking about the word seminal, as in "In Turner's seminal article on....". Seminal comes from the latin word semenalis, meaning seed. One of its meanings is having to do with semen or seed (hee hee hee). Of course one of its other meanings is having the possibility of future development. But still it is fun to think of the other meaning while staring at the screen thinking about what i am going to say about Turner's seminal article!

The Brain called this evening and it looks like he will remain north of 60 forever, or at least until mid August, which feels like forever to some of us.


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