Wednesday, July 30, 2003

big news/ good news

The Brain is coming back!! He just called me and said he was on his way home.Quel suprise! The other night when i talked to him he said he would be north of 60 for another couple of weeks, but he lied just so i wouldn't get my hopes up. And as it turned out he was supposed to leave camp yesterday, but they had a freak blizzard and coudln't leave until today. Ooh i am so excited. On the other hand, my sleep schedule at the moment is a little messed up, so i may be hard to live with. But who cares. Yahooeee!

Current Reads
My next book is THE HOUSE OF BLUE MANGOES by David Dravidar, I haven't started it yet, but perhaps i will later tonight. Apparently is is very good. I know Vikram Seth was on of the first readers for it. DD was an editor at Oxford University Press in India, and wrote it in his spare time. I noticed in the acknowledgements that his thanks quite of few very well known scholars, which means it will be well researched. Basically it is a family saga that spans the last 100 years of Indian history.


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