Friday, July 25, 2003

Another day another entry.

So i have been suffering from a bit of dissertation paralysis lately. Yesterday afternoon i thought i could get over it by working at the beach for a while, but as it turned out, it was quite windy down there. And i forgot to bring my novel, so it was a bit of a wasted trip.

A couple of weeks ago i had this brlliant idea for a chapter, so i did all of the background reading and everything to bring myself upto speed and now writing it i feel like it is just a huge waste of time. What am i trying to prove anyways? It has become much more theoretical than i ever intended, which is not good because it means it is boring to write and i am not much good at it anyways. I will keep plugging along. I am supposed to be done this chapter by the end of the month anyways, and that's just a week away.

Oh and to make my life even worse, i forgot to tape the Amazing Race last night. And i think it was a good one. From what i can glean from the cryptic emails of my friends Millie and Chucky got the boot last night. Too bad, i really liked Millie and i hoped to gain some insight into what she saw in him. I think their relationship is pretty much over anyways, but...
Anyways, i was supposed to be taping all the episodes for the Brain (ie/ my partner, husband, boyfriend, whatever you want to call him - he's the Brain, i'm the Passion) while he's north of 60, so it's a blow to both of us.

The reason i missed all of this TV related stuff is because i was out with my friend, who wishes to be known as the Water Boy. We just went out for greek and then looked at his pictures from his latest trip to india. They were amazing. It makes me wish that i could take better photos. Tonight we might get together to watch The English Patient on his more than amazing home theatre system. I hope he calls. I don't feel like working.


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