Wednesday, July 30, 2003

another day, another book

I didn't blog yesterday and i was missed - what a great feeling! The writing has once again taken off, so it is back to the diss. Last night i worked until about 3:00, but i was so geared up that i was up until 7:30 this morning. Now my internal clock will be thoroughly out of wack, but what to do? At least it gave me time to finish reading THE LAKE OF DEAD LANGUAGES, which i totally enjoyed. Two thumbs up. I don't know what i will read next, i will go to the library later today....

My best friend and dissertation support coach a.k.a. the Voice of Reason (VOR) has suggested that perhaps if i did a little more school related reading and a little less pure pleasure reading my diss might come along faster. She may have something there, but i flout reason in the face.

I am still having problems getting this blog to do what i want. I have tried so many times to get my weather pixie up, but it just isn't happening. But i have added more links. Check them out.


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